Nashville Day 2


We slept in like rockstars. Got up at noon, ate “breakfast” at like 2:00pm. It felt so good to sleep, but today consisted of mainly… food… and guitars of course. There is a cool breakfast place in Nashville called the Pancake Pantry, and the food was amazing. We had the Sugar and Spice pancakes with “Cinnamon Cream Syrup”… Yeah, that tastes EXACTLY like it sounds. We made plans to meet up with a great friend of mine, Gary Burnette who is a producer and guitarist in Nashville. I have know Gary for many years, and he is how I was introduced to Scotty Moore. Gary is one of the MOST soulful people in the world, and I really wanted him to meet Lindy as well. After “breakfast” we had to bolt back to the hotel to grab guitars and pick up Gary to head over to Scotty Moore’s house for the world famous, Miss. Gayle’s Chicken. The drive to Scotty’s is beautiful. The hills at this time are so cool because it’s coming out of winter and the trees are bare and cold. Stark but in a good way. Scotty’s house is 84 years old, and it sits on something like 11 acres of woods, barn, and a small pond. He bought the place next to him so “nobody would move in next to me!” I have been going to his house since I met him in 1993. It’s a special place, and he and Gayle are special people in my life. Scotty told me he had some stuff he wanted to give me, so when we got there he took us into what used to be his studio. He gave me a bass I had given him, and an Esquire that I had built for him back in 1997. He doesn’t play anymore, so he said I should have it. I in turn handed it to Gary and told him that HE should have it because if it wasn’t for Gary, I would have never met Scotty. Gary will use it more than I would, and the guitar has a great story: When Scotty got out of the Navy, he bought a Fender Esquire… Which he traded for a Gibson 295… Whatever. So, I “replaced” it with this one in 1997. Gary was so happy. He couldn’t believe it. I’m glad he will enjoy it. Then Scotty told me he had something else he wanted me to have. He walked me back into the room and took out a big case. He set it up on a table and told me that this was his and it was the first of 81 guitars that Gibson was making as a tribute to him. He opened the case, and there was this gold ES-295. It hit me hard, and I still can’t believe he did that for me. The guitar is beautiful and Lindy already has her eye on it. Stay away girl! We played and sang, and ate the world’s best chicken, sweet potatoes (omg they were amazing!), carrots, and… Cake… I can’t even tell you about the C A K E. I love Scotty Moore. I love Gayle. I love Gary. I love Nashville. Scotty’s house is like a shrine to everything that is cool about music, and rock & roll. Sitting at his kitchen table listening to the second solo on Hound Dog… It’s surreal. Having him tell you what they were doing when they recorded those songs, hearing the originals and hearing him talk about Bill’s bass flying off the car, or throwing Elvis’ shoes out the window because his feet stunk so bad… I’m blessed to be able to see this as well as share this with my family. Tomorrow, we move on to… WOODBURY!!!!! Senoia actually, but that’s the town where they film The Walking Dead. Can’t wait to hit the road!!!   – Mike


Well, my dear father caught my disease… Today, started at noon. For us anyway. The rest of the world was functioning long before we were. I don’t want to be too redundant with all the info about this morning’s breakfast, but I will share that I literally shuddered when the busboy at the Pancake Pantry called to a few leaving customer’s, “Have a good evening, folks!” EVENING. The word made me feel dirty. Absolutely filthy. I’ve decided I don’t like waking up late anymore… Just kidding.
On to pick up Mr. Gary Burnette. Gary is a very calming person to be around. Very genuine. We reached Scotty’s little house around four. It sits on a hill, amongst other hills, with lot’s and lot’s of trees surrounding us from all ends. It was so lovely.
We were grabbing our guitars out of the back of the car, when we heard a rough voice come from the front door. “Go away!” We turned and looked just as Scotty slammed the door. He peeked through the window, laughing. I thought, this man, right here, is going to be funny. First impressions really are everything, because I can tell you right now that I will always remember these first moments with Mr. Moore. I’ll forever think of him walking out onto the porch, chuckling, standing there with his hands in his pockets, his blue eyes and salt and pepper hair. Such a silly, silly man. The evening was filled with warmth, guitars, singing, laughter, memories, old Elvis recording’s, and of course, fried chicken. The phrase of the night turned out to be, “I can’t remember.” Story after story after story, was recalled upon, most of which were shared by sweet Gayle, since she seems to remember everything. (A curse and a blessing, says Scotty.) It was a wonderful night with wonderful food and wonderful people. All the very best.
It’s bittersweet leaving Nashville. I’m going to miss the spidery trees and the hills and the old buildings and the many smells and flavors of this city. You know, when we walked outside after saying our goodbyes to Scotty and Gayle, I was shocked by how very sweet the air smelled. Like oranges and mint; very funny. Oh Nashville, Nashville, it’s been a good time.
I’m ecstatic about the drive tomorrow. Georgia has been calling my name for quite some time now. Goodbye Tennessee! See you real soon. – Lindy


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7 Responses to Nashville Day 2

  1. Phil Polanco says:

    This is incredible. When I heard about this trip (Saturday at Lucilles) I thought, “How amazing is this!?” Father & daughter trip to the heart of it all! Lindy, you’re a lucky gal.

  2. Alain Saiget says:

    What a great day it was with so many memories around; even the air had a music fragrance

  3. Jonny Ray Bartel says:

    I have so much to write but not enough time write it all before rushing off to work. Mike, you’ve raised Lindy well for her to ask you for this trip with you. Lindy, I’m so impressed with your idea & so happy for you that your dad could make it happen (VERY few could). Your pictures with Scotty & his family are awesome ! Have a blast together you two. Debi, Acacia, Lily & I will be eagerly watching for your updates…

    • Mama E. says:

      Ugh… I had toast. Seriously, love the updates from both of you. Like everyone else, I can hardly wait to read more. Safe travels to “Woodbury”. Love you both.

  4. Mike Mac Lane says:

    Pure Joy!

  5. Big Nick says:

    Does Mr. Scotty Moore need a house boy? I’ll work for chicken… Miss Gayles fried chicken, that is.

    Great trip you guys! Fun to read about.

    Be safe!


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